how to make a stamp pad

Homemade stamp pads are less expensive than store-bought and allow us to customize their size and the type of pigment we use in them. If you plan to use the stamp pad the next day, just slip it into a zippered bag to keep moist. Upholstery foam is sold by the yard at fabric stores, and sometimes in packages at craft stores, and it's worth the effort to find a coupon if you're going to use it and purchase a lot. Use a plastic spoon, palette knife or spatula to smear tempera or other water-based water-soluble paint into the upholstery foam. Elementary School, Every Day Art Program, Homemade Materials and Tools, Middle School, Mixed Media, Preschool, Printmaking. If I have multiple stamp pads of the same color, I turn them onto each other to allow the foam and paint to really soak. Cut around the shape with scissors. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. They aren't ideal for our large round-handled stamps. Use a brayer or the back of a spoon to push the ink into the pad. DesignEvo's stamp logo generator enables everyone to create a stamp logo design easily with its plentiful templates. Fold a paper towel to roughly the size of a stamp pad. My son's school required them to bring a stamp pad and it was too late for me to get one when I … A fine and less-expensive alternative are dish sponges. 1 decade ago. Receive book suggestions, reading tips, educational activities, and great deals. Create Unique Stamp Logos for Free. Whenever we do stamping projects in the studio we usually use stamp pads we've made ourselves. 0 0. When we include stamp pads in our projects we usually use just one color in all the stamp pads. We like upholstery foam because the density and small size of the holes distributes paint well, but an easy and less-expensive alternative are cellulose dish sponges. 1 decade ago. Let it air dry with the paint on if you won't be using it again within a few days. Find us on social media!

. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask, I hope you enjoy using the stamp pads with the children! You can stamp with it, blend with it, make big dabs and small, you can stencil with it, add it to mixed media, really anything at all! Try alcohol instead of water. Stamp Pad Instructions. Remove the cap from the ink bottle. When you're ready to use the stamp pad again, just spritz it with a little water and add more paint. I love carving my own stamps and then using them on fabric! This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. Our projects are always done with adult supervision and proper safety precautions. After many years of use, we have found that eventually there will be hard pockets of paint that no longer can be revived with a full-day soak. To make your own Re-Usable Stamp Pad, you will need: Plastic Plate, Lid or Tray ~ It just needs to have a flat bottom. Watermark – Create a tone on tone effect by stamping on colored card stock. Help yours explore with this craft! Thank you for your post and kind words! I have been amazingly surprised with how they can return to their original state! How can I re-moisten my stamp pads? To make our stamps, we use upholstery foam, polystyrene (like Styrofoam) tray and a hot glue gun. 2. Use a plastic spoon, palette knife, or spatula to smear tempera or other water-based soluble paint into the upholstery foam. They dry out fast and become sticky messes.