does kion marry fuli

It aired on February 19, 2016. We gotta round up the buffalo and guide them over there fast! fanfiction. I personally just like them as being pals. The queen asked for Kion, too. Many fans expressed outrage at this since most ship Kion x Fuli. Even if Kion married Rani, in the next season (IF they ever do one), they could separate (or something could happen) and Fuli will become the new bride. (edited by 521j08) 1. Although they are brother and sister, and they do love each other, Kion does not always get along with his older sister Kiara, due to the latter's arrogant and immature traits, as well as the fact that she does not always take her duties as the Princess and future Queen of the Pride Lands very seriously.Unlike Scar h… She is also his girlfriend since shortly before the Guard was formed, and his eventual mate, as well as the mother of his adopted daughter, Asha the serval. 1 About him 2 Family 3 Friends 4 Enemies 5 Voice actors 6 Trivia 7 Gallery Kion is the second-born cub of King Simba and Queen Nala. She was first seen running with Bunga the honey badger sitting on her back. KION: Me? Things come to a head when Kion yells at Beshte and almost fights Fuli. kion is nerves and happy at the same time because he is getting married and start a family with fuli his soon to be wife. Second thing is I want Kion to be with Fuli in a relationship, not Rani. Before they can say anything, Kion spots his best friend, Bunga is snuggling with Binga, while Fuli is making a … 39. This story is the story, the most of The Lion Guard fans out there were looking for, because after all the hiding, Fuli makes a decision. i agree i love kion and rani i never shiped kion with anyone, LION KING LOVER 17 wrote: In the series prequel and pilot The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar, Simba has Kion organize the titular guard along with Bunga, Beshte, Fuli, and Ono. ""yes i do" then zazu said "you may kiss the bride." Can't Wait t… Series Part 3 of Kion/Fuli Ficlets She is Kion's girlfriend. Ashamed of himself, Kion runs off. Follow me! Now, I'm King Consort of the Tree of Life. Sheis one of Kion's friends and a former member of the Lion Guard. 1. kion and fuli are part of the lion guard and desired to get married one day and this is the wedding day for them. Hulu(フールー)なら70,000本以上のドラマ・映画・バラエティ・アニメなどの動画が、いつでもどこでもすべて見放題!見逃し配信や、人気の海外ドラマも。まずは2週間無料お試し!お試し期間中はいつでも … Fuli is one of the main characters and the tritagonist in the 2015 TV film The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar and its 2016 follow-up series The Lion Guard, both based on the 1994 film The Lion King. She is also the first female animal to ever serve in the Guard as mentioned in the season 2 special The Rise of Scar . Kion demanded, staring her deeply in the eyes. Fuli is a king cheetah and a friend of Kion, Simba’s son from TV Series The Lion Guard.She is one of the the main protagonists of the series. His official birth name is Kiongozi, meaning leader, but he has been called Kion his entire life. He is romantically involved with Fuli, a beautiful female cheetah who is his Guard's fastest member. Taking a deep breath, Kion slowly backed out of her entrance, earning a whimper from her. Fuli : You got that right. Rani and Kion hardly interacted on screen before Janna passed, then two episodes or so after she died Rani is like “hey Kion marry me” and it’s actually really terrible. I love her with all my heart. this is a story about kion and fuli getting married and have cubs and the video is not mine but a friends and this is for everyone and anyone who wants to show me some support and i really need it okay. The Lion Guard Finale : Kion and Rani get Married - YouTube "The pleasure is all mine," he smiled, "this was a lot of fun, and I don't think I would have had such a … Kiara has a common sibling relationship with Kion, her younger brother. So this is not me asking which one does Kion … When Kion starts to act mean to everyone, Bunga wonders if Kion is turning evil due to the venom from his scar. After becoming leader of The Lion Guard, Kion gains a Mark of the Guard on his left shoulder, which resembles a lion's head. Take our Lion Guard quiz to find out which one is most like you! She rested her head on his shoulder. If The Lion Guard does get revived, please remove Kion's scar and have him begin a relationship and eventually marry Fuli instead of Rani. Initially, Simba was against informing his son about his destiny as he is still a cub, however, he agreed after Nala and Rafiki explaine… This way! FULI… KION: Lion Guard! Now an adolescent in Season 3. As Fuli walked towards Pride Rock she began to sing quietly. /One-Shot/ [Kion/Fuli] [Based on a fan theory over spirit possession and voodoo magic curses from Scar.] Fuli purred softly; something Kion had seldom heard a tough tomboy like Fuli do. BUNGA: Yeah. HELP!!! This is PrinceBalto's take on Kion. Another example is when she thought he was going to plummet to his doom in Cave of Secrets. fuli is also the same way but she was glad because she is getting married to the love of her life and in the royal family so she is very happy. In this story, Kion mostly speaks Swahili and everyone ishuman.

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