adaptive optimization 3par

A CPG can only exist within one AO config. • The minimum size of a compressed volume is 16 GiB. Although the AO config is not replicated, so you may find if you fail over to another site it would take a while for AO to optimise the layout of the regions. Your SSD’s forming your high performing gold layer, 10 or 15K SAS disks operating as your silver layer and NL disks operating in bronze. HPE 3PAR Adaptive Flash Cache feature is included as part of the HPE 3PAR OS and is supported on all HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage sys tems that are supported with HPE 3PAR OS 3.2.1 and above. As long as nothing is directly provisioned from the SSD tier, you can let AO take the utilisation right up to these high levels. Adaptive Optimization this is the automated movement of 'regions' of data based on policies. As in your case your new writes will be going direct to 10K disk I would have thought this would be. If you need it to be more aggressive you can change the mode to performance, Your email address will not be published. If the pattern is truly random like in your example then a different approach would have to be sought. HP 3PAR Adaptive Optimization (AO) enables autonomic storage tiering on HP 3PAR storage arrays. It is not available on the all flash models for obvious reasons. Having a mix of availability levels will mean that data is protected at the lowest availability level in the AO config. You need to create LUNs in CPG defined in tier 1. I would think that if a 75GB database lun runs super hot one day a week on a schedule, the plan would work. Craig thanks for reading and commenting. HPE 3PAR Virtual Domains. HPE 3PAR Virtual Service Processor (Not included in HPE 3PAR StoreServ 20000) HPE 3PAR Recovery Manager Central Learn how your comment data is processed. However If you try to force movement based on your own bias, rather than the arrays recorded heuristics then you’ll likely be disappointed , Jim welcome to the blog and thanks for the comments. But I think there would be a couple of challenges with this approach. Isn’t what your asking for called cache ? At first make the max run period as long as you can outside of business hours to give AO every opportunity to run. As of HPE 3PAR OS 3.2.1, the clone can be exported immediately after creation while the data copy continues in the background. If a compressed volume exists within a common provisioning group (CPG), then the CPG i s not available for use in an AO configuration. Do you want to optimize service levels effortlessly, on a large scale, and for a lower total cost than other solutions? The class is intended to be a follow-up to the Managing HPE 3PAR StoreServ I course. And HP do have adaptive flash cache. Are you using any filters on CPG? In this short case study, we demonstrate how you can optimize your HPE 3PAR system. Then when its the original CPG is empty you would be able to delete it. When scheduling you will need to choose the analysis period during which regional IO density will be analysed and the times during which AO will actually perform the data moves. Adaptive Optimization (AO) is 3PAR’s disk tiering technology, which automatically moves the hottest most frequently accessed blocks to the fastest disks and at the same time moves the infrequently accessed cold blocks of data to slower disks. Adaptive optimization builds upon 3PAR’s existing chunklets, dynamic optimization, regions and wide striping technologies. We have SSD, FC and NL with AO configured. With this feature the HP 3PAR storage system analyzes IO and then migrates regions of 128 MB between different storage tiers. Just provision your VVs from the CPG representing the central tier, allow the volumes access to all the disks and let the system decide which RAID and disk type is appropriate at a sub-lun level. 6. HP 3PAR Dynamic Optimization Software non-disruptively alters service levels of a volume with a single click, without scheduling, planning, or impacting application performance. What would happen if I decided to change the RAID levels on the various Tiers? Additional CPG’s create additional management overhead in terms of reporting etc. Tier 0: 1TB RAID5 SSD HPE 3PAR File Persona. Could you please explain how Dynamic Adaptive optimization works ? HPE 3PAR Adaptive Optimization (AO). Sunday – Nothing My problem is whether this sounds reasonable and, moreover, how to deal with provisioning. The biggest announcement however was the addition of Adaptive Optimization or sub-volume tiering. For example if I wanted to change it to SSD_r6/FC_r6/NL_r6? For a reminder on what CPGs are about go here. For instance, HPE Primera will not include the Adaptive Optimization technology that 3PAR uses to tier data between hard disk drives and more expensive solid-state drives. HPE 3PAR Online Import. So now we understand AO is a tiering technology that intelligently places our data based on how hot (frequently accessed) or cold it is. Regional IO density is measured in terms of IOPs per GB per minute. Audio/Video Cables; Ethernet Cables; Network Cables Hi, You can think of this as being a gold, silver and bronze level in terms of performance. Hi HPE 3PAR Host Explorer. Good explanation. In summary there is no technical reason not to do this, it’s just if you can accept the slower speed from new writes to 10K disks. I don’t use DO often, but this seems like a good use case for it? whether I start AO do system occur problem? The HPE 3PAR Adaptive Optimization Software is a granular, policy-driven, autonomic storage tiering solution that delivers service level optimization for virtual and cloud data centers to reduce cost while increasing agility and minimizing risk. Tuesday – Normal Workload I've found in one document with following statement: "Adaptive Optimization (AO) supports RC but until failover, the AO policies on the destination array should remain disabled. 5. I’m sure the boffin’s at HP could track and analyse this so that AO became predictive. The new family 8000 will be shipped with the same fifth-generation ASIC that were introduced in the 20000 series arrays earlier this year. HPE 3PAR Priority Optimization. Hi, Does anyone know how 3PAR's Adaptive Optimization treats VMware VVOL's. View Adaptive Optimization for HPE 3PAR.pdf from AA 1Adaptive Optimization for HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage Hybrid storage on HPE 3PAR StoreServ Technical white paper Technical white HPE 3PAR Virtual Domains. Now I am very worry disk SSD 100GB alocate 98%. In March 2010, the company introduced 3PAR Adaptive Optimization, the industry's first implementation of autonomic storage tiering for cost optimization in high-end storage systems, targeted at enterprises and service providers. Chunklets are little, virtual pieces of physical disk. I use 3PAR10800 and I have two types SSD (32 disk SSD 100GB, 32 disk SSD 500GB). In an AO config you define your tiers of disk through the selection of CPG’s and then choose an operational mode optimised for cost, performance or a balance between the two. After running happily for a while I added further SSD disk into my P1000 array which is of a larger size to the original SSD. Re: Unmanaged I/O Workload Detected - 3Par Adaptive Optimization? Beyond the flashy features, many 3PAR customers will find that Primera will not support some of their favorite capabilities. First of all DO operations take time, so if it was a larger volume you could be waiting several days for it to migrate to SSD’s and then several days back again. Hi all, new to 3par with a question with regarding Adaptive Optimization configuration. OS footprint, installed programs etc) with some data going to Tier 1 eventually and maybe really hot data (e.g. Monday – On wrong tier. The Managing HPE 3PAR StoreServ II course is designed for the experienced HPE 3PAR administrator. By moving an entire volume you may find that it was only certain regions that truly required the SSD’s and but pushing the rest of the volume also to SSD’s you are effectively wasting space on them. After my latest post for 3PAR 8000 series, here are more details about the new family. Chunklets are little, virtual pieces of physical disk. Your email address will not be published. You can have between two and three tiers, 0 being the fastest and 2 being the slowest. HPE 3PAR 8400:- Can we limit AO with 1TB or 2TB to be occupied in Tier 0? We know Adaptive Optimization already from the StoreServ 3PAR platform. I think the other feature you are looking for is Adaptive Optimizer and sub-volume tiering... policies are defined within "System Reporter", which runs on a separate server in your environment and accessed via web browser. HP 3PAR, using Adaptive Optimization ATS software (High-end Tier 1.5 array) IBM Storwize v7000, using Easy Tier ATS software (High-end Tier 1.5 array) *Note: Both EMC VMAXe and HDS VSP low end configurations are positioned in the high end of Tier 1.5. Now that that we understand the principles and the building blocks of AO, let’s look at some of the design considerations. Achieving Balance in HPE 3PAR Environments. As with most things in life its best kept simple. I would however say it would be cleaner to create a new CPG, and then to use dynamic optimization to move the volumes over. The HPE 3PAR Adaptive Optimization Software is a granular, policy-driven, autonomic storage tiering solution that delivers service level optimization for virtual and cloud data centers to reduce cost while increasing agility and minimizing risk. Hi, I have a 3 tier AO config. note: 3par_as49_datastore and 3par_optilogistic_datastore is not used. I have couple 3par 7400(source and destination using remote copy) with AO configured using SSD, FC and NL as my tiers. My understanding from today’s version of AO is as follows: 1. Create a new CPG on SSD, don’t add to AO then use Dynamic Optimization to migrate the VV to the new CPG. Explain how space is distributed in HP 3PAR storage arrays Configure, interpret and handle HP 3PAR alerts and notifications Size Adaptive Optimization and work with AO reports Prerequisites: Students must have attended HK902 and HK904 and should have managing a 3PAR array for at least 12 months. web caches) in Tier 0. Size Adaptive Optimization and work with AO reports Interpret different HP 3PAR performance metrics and how the array's features can affect performance Tune and rebalance HP 3PAR storage arrays For AO to be a good fit the regional IO density needs to be high i.e. Thursday – Nothing I would like to create an AO with a somewhat non usual config for my VMs: We’ve got several volumes now using this config. Conversely, if a CPG is already in an AO configuration, then it is not possible to create a compressed volume in the CPG. Cables. We have used the default balanced configuration on our 3Par for adaptive optimization on our virtual volumes. a high proportion of your IOPs comes from a small proportion of capacity and the workload must have some kind of repeatable pattern to it. This way any new writes aren’t hitting slow disk, but also aren’t taking up valuable space in your top tier. Aug28. This is when of the great 3PAR StoreServ features, allowing ‘regions’ of data to be moved between different storage tiers.

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