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– Turkish Proverbs, There is no rule without an exception. * Ak gün ağartır, kara gün karartır. Meaning: Poor talks to much about what the wealthy have. ], Every man likes his own things best. 55. * Her taş, baş yarmaz. – Turkish Proverbs, One man’s fault is another man’s lesson. – Turkish Proverbs, Measure a thousand times and cut once. – Turkish Proverbs, May your charity increase as much as your wealth. (Every “bad” has its “worse.”.) – Turkish Proverbs Meaning: Control your power. – Turkish Proverbs, Love and a king accept no partnership. – Turkish Proverbs, One can never repay ones debt to ones mother. ], A man is known by his friends. Old age is a heavy burden, can’t sell it for a penny. ], An eye that sees something has some right. – Turkish Proverbs, Too much of a thing can be good for nothing. Meaning: People mature by learning from their peers. * Her yiğidin bir yoğurt yiyişi vardır (An over-protected eye gets the speck.) – Turkish Proverbs, If you give him cloth, hell ask for the lining. – Turkish Proverbs, He who comes to the mill consents to his turn. – Turkish Proverbs, Who takes the devil for a comrade, a bad comrade has he. ], A proverb is an ornament to language. * Gülü seven dikenine katlanır. – Turkish Proverbs – Turkish Proverbs, No rose without a thorn, or a love without a rival. – Turkish Proverbs, Some are wise and some are otherwise. – Turkish Proverbs, Everybody beats the donkey that has no owner. If you want happiness for a month — get married. – Turkish Proverbs, The thief is sorry he is to be hanged, but not that he is a thief. – Turkish Proverbs, A good maxim is never out of season. – Turkish Proverbs, Planting trees is as blessed an act as raising children. * Deve bir pula, deve bin pula. – Turkish Proverbs, With patience, mulberry leaves become satin. Turkish Proverb Quotes. – Turkish Proverbs, Good deeds remain, all things else perish. – Turkish Proverbs, The head that bends is not cut off. Meaning: * Kefenin cebi yok. [A smart person knows where his profit lies. – Turkish Proverbs – Turkish Proverbs – Turkish Proverbs, Death is a black camel that lies down at every door. – Turkish Proverbs, He who dreads fire, guards himself even from smoke. – Turkish Proverbs, The camel that leads the file pays no attention to the rear. – Turkish Proverbs, A quilt is not burnt to get rid of fleas. – Turkish Proverbs, What the eye sees the heart wants. – Turkish Proverbs, There’s naught so queer as folk. – Turkish Proverbs, Kiss the hand which you cannot wring. – Turkish Proverbs, A little is better than none. A heart in love with beauty never grows old. – Turkish Proverbs, The hungry ass runs more strongly than the horse. – Turkish Proverbs, He who goes on a chase without a greyhound comes home without a hare. Meaning: Not every person will do as you say. Literal translation: Name the dog, ready the stick. – Turkish Proverbs ... Wishing you every happiness this special day brings. Literal translation: (The real friend tells the bitter truth.). Used when one is trying to calm an angry person. * Yavuz hırsız ev sahibini bastırır. Meaning: Used as response against somebody with a hurtful or evil wish. – Turkish Proverbs, At length the fox is brought to the furrier. – Turkish Proverbs, He is like a fish out of water. – Turkish Proverbs, A hungry bear does not play. Yurtbagi supplies English (xviii-xlx) and Turkish (xx-xxi) lists of the categories and an invaluable bibliography (xii-xxv) of the sources he used. – Turkish Proverbs, Slow but sure wins the race. – Southern African Proverb; The old horse in the stable still yearns to run. (Many will point to the right way after the wheel is broken.) – Turkish Proverbs, We are living in a time when people are after money. A fool dreams of wealth; a wise man, of happiness. ], Once a friend, always a friend. Meaning: Used to remind that friendships should not be taken lightly and that one should have a long term commitment. (A tribulation is better than a hundred warnings.) – Turkish Proverbs, Make no one an enemy without cause. A good companion shortens the longest road. Literal translation: (One who handles honey, licks his fingers.) * Aşağı tükürsen sakal, yukarı tükürsen bıyık. * Vakitsiz öten horozun başı kesilir. – Turkish Proverbs, Beware of an enemy, even though he be only an ant. ], He who enters a bath will sweat. * Ucuz etin yahnisi yavan (tatsız, pek) olur. Refer to Ottoman history of early 20th century. 8. * Üzüm üzüme baka baka kararır. bab.la - Online dictionaries, vocabulary, conjugation, grammar Toggle navigation. Literal translation: Tell me who your friend is, and I will tell you who you are. – Turkish Proverbs (continued) ~ Native American Proverb, Cherokee [19638] Public Domain - Published Before 1923 [00002] A fool says what he knows, and – Turkish Proverbs, A cup of coffee commits one to forty years of friendship. * Ağacı kurt, insanı dert yer. – Turkish Proverbs, “The grapes are sour,” the fox said when he could not reach them. – Turkish Proverbs, It is good to strike the serpent’s head with your enemy’s head. – Turkish Proverbs, Too many cooks spoil the broth. * İti an, çomağı hazırla. – Turkish Proverbs, Until the soup boils over, the ladle has no value. – Turkish Proverbs, A dog that intends to bite does not bear its teeth. – Turkish Proverbs 35 Spanish Proverbs, Quotes, and Sayings . Meaning: Used to remind that friendships should not be taken lightly and that one should have a long term commitment. – Turkish Proverbs See more ideas about Proverbs, African proverb, Inspirational quotes. The right thing… What is it? Literal Translation: In the land where there are no sheep, they call goats. – Turkish Proverbs, He that would have eggs must endure the cackling of hens. – Turkish Proverbs, What business does a dog have in the shop of the blacksmith. – Turkish Proverbs, Who fears the sparrows must not sow millet. – Turkish Proverbs, Not every flower is for smelling. – Turkish Proverbs, A straw will show which way the wind blows. Literal translation: “Pot, your bottom is black.” “Yours is blacker than me.” – Turkish Proverbs, Two captains sink the ship. (Do not roll up your trousers before reaching the stream.) – Turkish Proverbs – Turkish Proverbs, He who bears trouble patiently receives his reward. – Turkish Proverbs, Every flower has a different smell. Literal translation: (The real friend tells the bitter truth.) – Turkish Proverbs – Turkish Proverbs, After the horse is stolen what remedy is it to lock the stable door? – Turkish Proverbs, Grace could be natural. – Turkish Proverbs, Seek truth in meditation, not in moldy books. – Turkish Proverbs, You cannot lose what you never had. English equivalent: Out of sight, out of mind. – Turkish Proverbs, For the birds that cannot soar, God has provided low branches. Used to encourage people to save. – Turkish Proverbs, What the elder sister wears, the younger sister wants to wear also. ), They told the poor man it was snowing, and he said “I’m ready to shiver.” – Turkish Proverbs Similar Quotes. [Some forms of foretelling, like prognoses and weather forecasts, hold benefits for different reasons. – Turkish Proverbs, They who guard against treachery are few. – Turkish Proverbs, Better the crow I have than the nightingale others have. – Turkish Proverbs, Whatever the thoughts of the dervish, so are his actions. (You can't run a water mill by carrying water.) Famous Turkish proverbs, sayings and quotations Let this list of 2 quotations by the Turkish author Turkish proverbs lead you to an inspirational day. Literal translation: Even the rooster of a rich man lays eggs. – Turkish Proverbs, An arrow once shot never comes back. [From a safe port one can luckily advise comfortably. – Turkish Proverbs, Nothing has no savour. – Turkish Proverbs, An old fox understands the trap. Literal translation: (A boxwood comb for a bald head.). Meaning: One needs food to do some work. [Used when expressing some sympathy for the pained people who are close to the injured or hurt person. – Turkish Proverbs, If the head be left empty, it is not well. – Turkish Proverbs, He that travels far, knows much. Meaning: Used to show the irony when a person could not afford something even when it is very cheap, but can later afford it when it is thousand times more expensive. – Turkish Proverbs, There is nothing lost by civility. – Turkish Proverbs, Drop by drop, it will make a lake. Literal translation: (Do not search for a calf under a bull.) ], A bachelor’s life is a lot of foolishness. – Turkish Proverbs, A stitch in time saves nine. Used to make a point that wisdom matters more than physical beauty. Literal translation: Flawless human is impossible – Turkish Proverbs, Between the cup and the lip a morsel may slip. See more ideas about Turkish sayings, Sayings, Cool words. – Turkish Proverbs, If a man anticipated his death, he would dig his own grave. * Her kuşun eti yenmez. – Turkish Proverbs, Do as you would be done by. – Turkish Proverbs, Good advice is given, good esteem is not given. – Turkish Proverbs, Coffee should be black as Hell, strong as death, and sweet as love. – Turkish Proverbs, If you have wicked children, of what use is money; and if good, again, of what use is it? Literal translation: Neither gum Arabic, nor sweets of Damascus Meaning: Do not do extreme things, stay casual. – Asian Proverb – Turkish Proverbs, Never trifle with love. 40 Powerful Proverbs and Sayings From Around The World. – Turkish Proverbs – Turkish Proverbs, Eat peas with the king, cherries with the beggar. – Turkish Proverbs Literal translation: A hungry hen sees herself in a wheat silo. [Don’t wash your dirty linen in public. (Children may turn out like their parents in more ways than one. – Turkish Proverbs, You must not expect old heads on young shoulders. Literal translation: (Look at the mother before marrying the daughter.) – Turkish Proverbs, He considers ill that considers not both sides. – Turkish Proverbs, If you speak the truth, keep a foot in the stirrup. Forecast is better than work-hard. – Turkish Proverbs, The egg of today is better than the fowl of tomorrow. The country’s official language is Turkish, a Turkic language spoken natively by approximately 85 percent of the population. ], Catch the bear before you sell its skin. (One who handles honey, licks his fingers.) – Turkish Proverbs – Turkish Proverbs, A lamb [sheep] away from the herd will be devoured by wolves. – Turkish Proverbs, Every tub must stand on its own bottom. ~Johann Wolgang von Goethe. – Turkish Proverbs, An illness comes by the pound and goes away by the ounce. ], A nail will come out, but its hole remains. (Child wearing Gyorgs mask)“. – Turkish Proverbs, The ground has ears. With a population of 4,587,558 in the urban center (2014) and 5,150,072 in its province (2015),[1] it is … – Turkish Proverbs, The angry beggar is left with an empty bag. – Turkish Proverbs, Don’t go into a matter you don’t understand. Meaning: Consider that whatever you do to a person, you may meet him again. Insan yedisinde ne ise yetmisinde de odur. ], Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched. Literal translation: The mill wont turn with carried water. Many of these sayings are known as ata sözü, which literally translates to “words of our ancestors.” (As a half-Turkish, half-American child who was raised outside Turkey, I used to think the word ata referred to the idolized founder of the Turkish Republic, Atatürk, and was amazed that he’d been able to create so many sayings in his relatively short life.) Used to caution people to moderate their actions. English equivalent: Where there is smoke, there is fire. * Havan dövücünün hık deyicisi. – Turkish Proverbs, Familiarity breeds contempt. Literal translation: If you spit downwards, it hits the beard, if you spit upwards, the mustache. Meaning: One cannot live forever on ones savings. Meaning: Used to make a point that even an old person may not have all the wisdom. Literal translation: Dogs bark but caravan still moves on. – Turkish Proverbs, Plan your work for winter and if it turns out to be summer, count it a blessing. – Turkish Proverbs, Waiting is more grievous than fire. Kopegin duasi kabul olsa idi, gokden kemik yagardi. – Turkish Proverbs, They throw stones at a tree with fruit. – Turkish Proverbs, The first step is the hardest. – Turkish Proverbs, A farmer’s granary lies at the tip of his plow. ], He who desires to have children must be willing to endure their hardships. – Turkish Proverbs, When a pine tree falls, men gather around both with and without axes. – Turkish Proverbs, Ask the banker about gold, the jeweler about gems. Literal translation: The stone will not move from its place, unless you cooperate. – Turkish Proverbs, Feed a crow and it will pluck out your eyes. * Bir müsibet, yüz tembihten iyidir. Happiness you pay for is to be found everywhere. ], Measure twice, cut but once. English equivalent: A rolling stone gathers no moss. Literal translation: Who has no intention to pray has no ears for the call to prayer. Two hands make a sound. * Parayla imanın kimde olduğu belli olmaz. 40 Powerful Proverbs and Sayings From Around The World. – Turkish Proverbs, The dog barks and the caravan passes on. ], Part with your head, but not with your secret. Literal translation: (Many will point to the right way after the wheel is broken.) – Turkish Proverbs – Turkish Proverbs – Turkish Proverbs, The wolf may lose his teeth, but never his nature. Literal translation: Iron that works does not rust. – Turkish Proverbs, He who knows himself best esteems himself least. – Turkish Proverbs, He who eats his crops when they are green will go hungry at harvest time. – Turkish Proverbs, When the carriage has been smashed, they who show the road are many. – Turkish Proverbs, A ship with two captains sinks. I’ll start with a Turkish Proverb: ... ne kahvehane, Gönül sohbet ister, kahve bahane" Drinking Turkish coffee is a thing of pure pleasure. A hungry stomach has no … In addition, a Turkish diaspora has been established with modern migration, particularly in Western Europe. Bookmark the permalink. Disclaimer: This is a project of discovery rather than critisism. Literal translation: When bribery enters through the door, faith goes out through the chimney. * Çıkar ağzındaki baklayı. Literal translation: (A knife-wound heals, but a tongue wound festers.). – Turkish Proverbs, Who is in fault suspects everybody. – Turkish Proverbs, Better are some small fish than an empty dish. – Turkish Proverbs, The end of haste is repentance. Literal translation: (Bad neighbour forces one to have his own pots and pans.). – Turkish Proverbs, Unless a job is begun, it can never be finished. [Money saved can come to one’s rescue in a time of need. [Negligence causes loss. Meaning: To encourage people to be inquisitive. – Turkish Proverbs, One does not burn a blanket to get rid of a flea. [Don’t throw your seeds into the place where nothing grows. – Turkish Proverbs (Love is daring.) ], An empty sack will not stand up. Kurdish Proverbs (February 6, 1998) A cup of coffee commits one to forty years of friendship. German Proverb 4. Grasp no more than thy hand will hold. – Turkish Proverbs, If you do not know what to say, say what your elders said. [It may not be discerning to flirt with every pretty girl around. Meaning: The rich have valuables, the poor have troubles. (It is said to calm down or moderate a person. – Turkish Proverbs, Make hay while the sun shines. – Turkish Proverbs, Tread not on a rotten plank. - Capital: Ankara Ethnics Groups: Turkish 80%, Kurdish 20% Languages: Turkish (official), Kurdish, Arabic, Armenian, Greek – Turkish Proverbs, Reversing losses at whatever point will benefit you. – Turkish Proverbs – Turkish Proverbs, Money will come to one who trusts in his art [Art and craft].

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