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"@type": "ListItem", Here is where you will meet with the teams involved and distribute the necessary resources, tasks, timeline, responsibilities, and any other important information related to the project. Effort and cost tracking, meaning that you’re checking to see if you’re staying on the expected deadline and budget, and perhaps predicting the completion date based on this. Please, try again later. I can’t waste their time telling them about project charter or stakeholders and all these details. You can find where your team is spending most of their time on and how you can cut down on time and costs. If all goes well, and the KPIs are lining up without a hitch, the project manager will pretty much just have to keep checking in with each team periodically. "@type": "ListItem", During the execution, you’ll implement your plan and begin to take all the steps necessary to carry out the project. The ultimate goals / plan of the project need to be compared with the actual outcome and assessed as to the quality, accuracy, and speed at which it was achieved. You’ll have an idea, do a little research to see how it would be completed, then pitch it to the relevant powers for examination and approval. The basic project planning steps that every project manager needs to know can be broken down as parts of the first two phases of project management: Initiation and Planning.While those phases give a broad outline of what should be happening at different stages of a project’s lifecycle, they don’t provide much of a clear picture of how to go about your project planning. "@type": "thing", Spearheading a project isn’t a walk in the park. For such an important process, the project management steps are a little muddy, with sources citing differing numbers of steps, timelines, etc. Well, we here at Process Street hate making things complicated, so we’ve simplified the project management steps of any and every undertaking to five easy stages. "url": "" Thanks for sharing this advise Ben, found it really useful and especially liked Trello. Once you have the deliverables ready, you’d schedule a formal phase review with all key stakeholders. This identification of goals helps drive the project down a clear path. During this midpoint in our project management steps it’s also vital to set up some sort of tracking and communication system or standard. Details of the project manager and other key personnel responsible for different aspects of the project, with their duties and responsibilities. The objective of this activity is to analyze different sellers in order to identify the most suitable vendor. Developing and managing project teams constitute a core activity of the project manager during the execution phase. There must be status updates and a quick response to issues and risks as they arise in the project. Not only do you have to convey all that, but (going back to your CLEAR goals) you need to make sure that your team understands exactly what the project is and why they should both care and be enthusiastic about it. You’ve done the difficult “figuring out” part; you know what needs to be done, who’s going to do it, and when it needs to be done. Great advice brought to life with a good example. Great advice brought to life with a good example. It is a document describing how, when and by whom a specific target or set of targets is to be achieved. First, you need to ensure that you have the deliverables of the project set in stone – you should know what needs to be completed, how it should be done, who needs to work on it, and when it has to be complete by (with some flexibility, depending on the risks you’ve identified). Per the latest PMI Pulse of the Profession 2017, “C-suite continues to be largely focused on bridging strategy formulation and execution and tackling technology and … A project in which a prototype is developed delivers all of the functionalities of an application, but they need not be suitable for use in a particular context (e.g. If you were to assign him the task of researching and writing on a topic which he both knows nothing about and contains no data backing whatsoever, the end result will both take longer and be of an inferior quality. The key with the conception stage is to examine your project for both its feasibility and value to the organization; an easy project will be useless if it does not benefit the company, and a useful project will just waste resources if you aren’t certain that it’s plausible in the first place. . Were the problems which arose outside of your control or foresight? Next is the execution of the plan. "url": "", If the value is worth the perceived difficulty, it’s time to move onto definition and planning. The project deliverables are produced and delivered to the project sponsor (or whomever they are produced for). Not sure how to get your integrations up and running? Two popular methods of creating goals for a project are SMART and CLEAR. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. The two key project management documents during this phase are: 1. – They need to reviewed, tested, and meet the acceptance criteria given by the clients. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! { Then again, feel free to skip ahead to any particular step you’re after. Decision making authority for specific components of the project. In this phase the bulk of the project work takes place. Discuss the next steps in the project, obstacles, and how to solve these problems during these meetings. If you’re the PM, this sta… It’s a fine line to tread, you need to give your team enough autonomy while taking care that everything goes according to plan. It is during this stage that you need to focus most of your attention and avoi… I found it interesting how you mentioned that the best outcome of a project is one that is completed ahead of schedule. It is when the project slowly grows out of your control and beyond the project’s original scope. This is usually done through the use of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators); the quantifiable measure of progress I talked about above. A project that delivers a working product must also consider matters of maintenance, instructions and the operational management of the application. Thanks for subscribing to the Process Street Blog! By continuously assessing the risks, you equip your team with contingencies and keep the project from failure. This phase can require relatively little effort on the project manager’s part, or be the most stressful section of the entire undertaking, depending on how smoothly everything runs. } One important but often overlooked element of the project execution plan is organizational considerations. Project Execution Phase. You need to step back a bit and let your team carry out the project plan. Your project planning process included setting measurable goals and KPIs (key performance indicators). "@type": "thing", 1024 x 576 jpeg 73kB. Conduct Procurements. It’s worth noting that all of these items are subject to change during the project. I would suggest you to add some of the project management tools available at for the purpose of growing your business effectively. These are documented in the change requests, which are then reviewed and approved. This stage will change a lot depending on the idea which is being developed. Using the previously set out meeting times, you need to be regularly talking to everyone involved with the project (or at least the team managers) and ensuring that all is running smoothly. Home » Sample Project Execution Plan The sample project execution plans on this page are those that are referenced in DOE Guide 413.3-15, Department of Energy Guide for Project Execution Plans. During the execution phase, risks may materialize. There’s a huge gap between the plan and the day-to-day implementation. } If there is no in-house designer, we would discuss our options for outsourcing the task and price it up accordingly. These targets will include the project’s products, timescales, costs, quality and benefits. "item": { Think of it as a final status report, along with cleanup after the project is complete. } The project execution process consists of the following activities. "@type": "ListItem", The execution phase is where all the action happens and the plans start materializing. { The Project Execution Phase is the third phase in the project life cycle.In this phase, you will build the physical project deliverables and present them to your customer for signoff. The majority of the activities during this phase will be handled by your team. Your focus, as a project manager, will change to performing and supervising all activities to create the deliverables as outlined in the project plan. It can be a repetitive task or something you feel a particular member is better at. I am working Project Coordinator at construction project. But it’s probably useful to determine what is causing the project to be behind schedule. } Your team carries out all the planned activities during this stage, constructs the deliverables, and presents them to the project stakeholders. Going back to our ebook, the planning and initiation stage would involve meeting with the marketing team and stamping out a timeframe for each chapter of the book to be completed. The project launch and execution phase is next, and this is where things kick into overdrive. You’ve done the difficult “figuring out” part; you know what needs to be done, who’s going to do it, and when it needs to be done. "url": "" "url": "" Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. If the chapters are getting completed in line with your expectations, there’s no need to shift around resources (unless your aims develop or change). The project manager has three main objectives during the execution phase: Depending on the nature of the project and your organizational preferences, you’ll decide the sequence of activities that will happen during the execution phase. This often feels like the meat of the project since a lot is happening during this time, like status reports and meetings, development updates, and performance reports. One complete, the immediate benefits would be tracked (eg, increased conversion rates), any expenses on items such as the design of the ebook would be totaled, and contracts with freelancers terminated. I am attending a training on project management and needed an insight into it. For example, the best outcome would be a project which was completed ahead of schedule, within or below budget, to a high quality and accuracy, with few problems. For example, if you want to implement a new feature then you’ll need to consult the head of your development team. After the goal has been identified, the project can be initiated with th… I may well end up including those steps in either an addition to this article or a new post down the line. Establish at the project inception: regular reporting on the project execution status, milestones, and joint reviews with demonstrations. This is also the stage where you want to create a risk management plan: identify potential problems or obstacles and develop procedures to prevent them, or deal with them quickly if they do happen. By the end of this stage, you will see the physical manifestation of the pre-execution brainstorming and planning. "url": "" After that, the idea will be taken to a decision-making team (in this case the head of marketing and the CEO) to see if it’s worth pursuing. Yes, I’m aware of how corny that sounds. I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Did your team still manage to complete their work to a satisfactory standard and timeline considering the difficulties which they faced? During the project execution phase, you and your team will work on all of the aspects that you have planned and assessed during the previous project management steps. The first of our project management steps is to settle on the idea of a project; to scratch out the concept and agree that it will be taken further than the drawing board. "position": 5, "position": 4, Was your team performing so well that they beat your schedule? Required fields are marked. "@type": "thing", } Another aspect which would need to be planned would be the launch of the ebook. In his book, Filling Execution Gaps, Todd Williams identifies six gaps that companies need to close to ensure project success. This is where all the effort you put into documentation comes in handy. 1. My work was looking to find the best way to approach a new construction project. Learning how to develop a project plan doesn’t need to be complicated. Instead, it means that you enable your team and build their confidence by making them responsible for a small part of the project. To reach this end, a project team needs to know: I didn’t really understand what project management was until I went through this insightful write up. Thank you and keep up the good work!. "item": { You’ll have an idea, do a little research to see how it would be completed, then pitch it to the relevant powers for examination and approval.This stage will change a lot depending on the idea which is being developed. "name": "Manage the communication", Now, you cannot and should not avoid all change requests. The person responsible for writing each chapter will be assigned, along with the task of designing and creating the ebook itself. An empowering environment is a sufficient motivator for team members that encourages them to go above and beyond. "name": "Delegate tasks to get work done effectively", Without it, you leave the future of your business at the mercy of your teams and employees (which, in case you weren’t aware, is not a good business model). – It is also where project management differs most from other similar areas, such as event planning. Ben, thank you for your very interesting post. Schedule periodic meetings with the project team to review the current status of the project. Check out our free business process automation guide. Even if they suggest a different approach than what you had in mind, appreciate their input, and be flexible enough to accept better suggestions. "item": { On top of the relevant team heads, you’ll also be consulting with your shareholders in order to keep them informed of where their money is being spent. This entails: 1. Execution Kick-Off:- The Project Manager can begin the phase activities following the completion of all planning activities including Most projects require you to iterate and adapt to change. "item": { Well, rather than use a combination of every app under the sun, why not just use one; Process Street. This all needs to coincide with terminating any contractors which were hired to help on the project, producing a final budget and project report, and collecting all of the documents associated with the product in a single place for storage / filing. Let’s take an example project to run us through each step, in the form of creating a new ebook. Give them enough authority to make decisions and take the necessary steps to fulfill the plan. It’s always a good practice to make sure that you’ve translated the client’s expectations into the deliverable. 1. 7 Steps to Ace the Project Execution Phase. The execution stage produces a lot of data points that you can use to optimize your team’s performance. "itemListElement": [ The project execution plan (PEP) is the governing document that establishes the means to execute, monitor, and control projects. This is usually done by drawing up a project plan, scope or charter, then calculating a budget, the resources needed, and a schedule. }, 2. { Another aspect of this phase (which not all teams take advantage of) is the congratulations to those involved with the project. You can look at this step as a result of the planning stage because it’s dependant on what you have chosen to do during that part of the project’s development. The monitor and control phase is the longest part of the execution phase because Jay must follow several steps to ensure the project team meets the customer's requirements and a … – "item": { Unfortunately, that truly is a dream scenario. } "@type": "thing", I recently outlined the five phases of project management in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) with a particular focus on the first phase, Initiating. "position": 7, As long as your team works effectively and adheres to the plan, you’ll be on track to successful project completion. A solid project initiation will not only set your project up for success, but it will also lay the groundwork for all future stages. Project Execution Strategy PPT- SlideEgg. This is the longest and most important phase of your project, in which all of the action happens. ] { The project kickoff meeting is vital. "position": 3, You need to share the project’s progress to all stakeholders throughout this phase frequently. Creating something new (like in your example an e-book); 2. Project execution (or implementation) is the phase in which the plan designed in the prior phases of the project life are put into action. A project plan, also known as a project management plan, is a document that contains a project scope and objective. "url": "" I also liked the feedback comments you have received and would be interested to read your responses to the more recent questions posed. Your email address will not be published. Once you’re sure that you have this collected and approved, the kickoff meeting will take place. { All deliverables are reviewed, accepted, and approved. This phase produces the following: Project deliverables are the tangible outputs of the project. Thanks Ben for the great post. "@type": "ListItem", Is a building being built? "@type": "ListItem", "@type": "ItemList", The use of project management tools will help with this. by hundreds of users). A division being launched? This is the main and most important stage of your entire project management life cycle. 20 Activities of the Heart of the Project Management.

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