efo amunututu in english

Plumed cockscomb, silver cockscomb, Lagos spinach, quail grass in English. Click to see full answer. Use organic insecticides for controlling pests. But taking additional care will help the plants to grow better. Some ethnic peoples livings in Lagos State e.g the Ijaws from the south-southern part of Nigeria eat the leaves in sauces and soups with meat and condiments to embrace the taste; while others put the leaves into salads. it does not appear all year round. Wikipedia says “Its thick, semi-succulent, heart-shaped leaves have a mild flavour and mucilaginous texture. Taraxacum officinale. Efo Amunututu This vegetable is said to […] From relationship deal breakers to sex education with Nigerian parents to leaving Nigeria, be prepared for a ride. Efo means vegetable and this vegetable has numerous health benefits. This vegetable is an Afro-Asian plant. SARS Officers Ruined It, What Happened At The End SARS Protest In Surulere, QUIZ: Only Nigerians Can Get 7/11 On This Black & White Food Quiz, We Ranked Yoruba Soups From Worst To Best. Fertilizing: You don’t have to provide additional fertilizers if you have already prepared the soil by adding lots of organic materials into it. The leaves are succulent with high water content. They are used in Asian traditional medicines as an antidote to poisons, and to ease the pain and discomfort of labour. Taste of the Malabar spinach is a cross between spinach and chard, when lightly steamed or stir-fried. And in Latin America, it is known as Espinaca China (Chinese Spinach), espinaca de Malabar in Spanish, and bertalha or espinafre indiano in Portuguese. Amunututu is NOT pointy like uziza leaves. It is native to the Indian Subcontinent, Southeast Asia and New Guinea. and joyful content for young Africans and the world. Omega-3 is a fatty acid found in certain types of fish. Believe me when I tell you that this happens to be one of the most delicious Yoruba soups that I have made. Well-rotted aged manure and fully decomposed homemade compost will be good for using in the soil. In this post, we’ll highlight some of the benefits of Spinach. PR is king. Diseases are less in the Malabar spinach plants. So, if you have you ever wondered if you were more like Cocaine or Heroin, this quiz has your answer. Soak the seeds in clear water for 24 hours before sowing. Growing Malabar spinach is extremely easy, and it is found and widely grown in tropical Asia, and also found in Africa. For those who have japa’d there or are planning to. Sardines, Mackerel and Salmon are examples of fish with a high Omega-3 content. It is mainly grown as an annual, but also grows like a perennial in regions that are frost free. Life is already hard. In East Asia the Malabar spinach is known as saan choy, xan choy, shan tsoi, luo kai, shu chieh and lo kwai in some of readings of Cantonese, and known as tsurumurasaki in Japanese. The Malabar spinach plants are mainly grown from seeds (although, you can grow them from cuttings but it’s not recommended). Efo yanrin in Yoruba. Locally, it is known as “amunututu” which literally means “a cool appetiser to the stomach” and also ‘Toromoganna”, which means ‘a wall climber”. The Malabar spinach plants will grow well if the weather is warm and the soil is moist. leaves of Senecio biafrae – worowo in Yoruba; leaves of Talinum triangulare (water leaf) or Basella alba, Indian spinach in English, Amunututu in Yoruba The Malabar spinach plants grow well in moist soil. Are you straight, gay, bisexual, pansexual or asexual? In West Africa, the Malabar spinach is known as ‘Efo amunututu’ (especially, among the Yuraba tribe in South West Nigeria). Its name, "Efo amunututu", translates to "calms your stomach". Also known as Malabar spinach, Pasalai Keerai in Hindi, Amunututu is a perennial twining vine with juicy, green leaves packed with calcium, iron and a good source of vitamins A, B and C. Job Circular Get to know more about the clique behind your favourite content. The name ‘efo’ means vegetables, hence it is a Yoruba rich vegetable soup. If you find us valuable, please make a contribution to help keep Zikoko zikoko-ing. A by-election is an election […], Sometimes, people shoot their shots at you. What happens when a group of chatty young Nigerians talk about things they're passionate about? As the plants grow in the summer months, so regular watering is a must for them. Every week, Zikoko asks anonymous people to give us a window into their relationship with the Naira. You also don’t want it to end in tears for them, because you’re nice. Happy gardening . P.S: Don’t do drugs o! If you are exotic, you can use “Amunututu” (Malabar Spinach) or “Efirin” popularly known as … Yorubas certainly have this vegetable business on lockdown. efo amunututu (spinach) Amunututu: English Name: Malabar Spinach. It is said to be essential in reducing cholesterol level, controlling blood pressure, preventing anaemia, reducing wrinkly skin among others. This may […]. These plants generally grow best under full sun and in humid climates. It used to be my favorite veg back then in college.Akintunde Adebimpe can testify to this.i love it with passion but I call it Efo Amunututu. Female focused content for every African woman. In West Africa, the Malabar spinach is known as ‘Efo amunututu’ (especially, among the Yuraba tribe in South West Nigeria). Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The plants grow well throughout the tropics, especially in moist lowlands. Spinacia oleracea: Common spinach.. But some pests can harm the plants. Due to the concentration of vegetables in the soup, Marugbo soup has a laxative effect on the body, and this is why the soup is said to be medicinal. Subscribe ROY'S FARM newsletter for news, updates and receiving notifications of new posts by email. Use straw, grass clippings, hay or homemade compost as mulch. The incubator for love, sex, lifestyle and nostalgia. 'The Couch' is a Zikoko series featuring real life stories from anonymous people. It is a very common vegetable, and the seeds should be easily available in your area. Who doesn't want to find love? There are different types of Spinach and the one found in Nigeria is called the African spinach. From Nigeria to Kenya to Canada, are our money struggles the same? Especially in the food business. Pigeon And in Latin America, it is known as Espinaca China (Chinese Spinach), espinaca de Malabar in Spanish, and bertalha or espinafre indiano in Portuguese. In India, it is known as pui shak in Bengali, bachhali in Telugu, basale in Tulu, kodip pasali in Tamil, vel niviti in Sinhalese, poi saaga in Odia. Has fear stopped you from finding true love? Yam and egg […]. Isapa soup is made from Isapa leaves which is also known as the Roselle plant. Mulching and Controlling Weeds: Mulch the Malabar spinach bed with organic materials. Hacked is an interesting new series by Zikoko made up of fictional but hilarious chat conversations. It is rich in vitamins A and C, iron and calcium. The by-election became a necessity after Senator Bayo Osinowo, who represented Lagos East Senatorial district at the senatedied died following a brief illness. Sex Life is an anonymous Zikoko weekly series that explores the pleasures, frustrations and excitement of sex in the lives of Nigerians. When we do a head count of the vegetables in Yorubaland, the list of Yoruba vegetables that will be counted are obvious: soko, tete, gure (water leaf), efinrin (scent leaves), and ewuro (bitter leaf). Duck You can prepare your Efo Riro with any of the common vegetables. The plant is said to be medicinal, valued for its mild laxative effect, its ability to increase urination, and reduce nausea, among other things. You can actually choose any variety depending on it’s availability in your area. Although, they will grow well under partial shade. 11 Timed Quizzes For Nigerians With Fast Fingers Do you have fast fingers? You can also consult with an existing home gardener in your area for having good recommendation. 4 Beautiful Places People From Osun Recommend You Visit, We Ranked Beans Combos From Worst To Best, 12 Things You Can Add To Okro Soup For A Different Taste, 5 Foods You Probably Shouldn’t Eat To Your Visa Interview, 4 Tourist Locations Nigerians In Germany Will Love, 9 Nigerians Share Their Experience With Foreign Food, 4 Ice Cream Flavours That Are Straight Up Garbage, 6 Things That Are Now Sold In Sachet In Nigeria, 8 Meals That Will Expose Your Management Skills, I Wish The Nigerian Government Would Pretend To Care About Us, The Police Strip Searched Me For No Reason, I Wanted To Have A Good Time With My Friends.

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